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Layne Riggs Makes Truck Series Debut at Daytona. Early racing incident takes him out of contention

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (February 17, 2024) - Layne Riggs shook out his first race jitters last night at the Daytona (Fla.) International Speedway.

Qualifying 21st in the No. 38 Love's RV Stops Ford F-150, Layne Riggs was ready to put his skills to the test and kick off his rookie campaign at the 2.5 mile track. Riggs took no time getting to the top-15, showing his competitors that he can be trusted as a drafting partner. While running 15th on Lap six, Riggs was caught in a racing incident will fellow competitor Matt Crafton, causing damage to the right side of his Ford F-150. Riggs brought his truck to pit road and the crew got to work on damage repair. Unfortunately, the right front fender of the Love's RV Stops Ford was too much and the team called it a night resulting in a 33rd place finish.

No. 38 Love’s RV Stops Ford F-150:


"Pretty bad way to start the season, but it’s “race 1”, we’re not going to let that define us. It’s not who we are. There’s going to be some growing pains but I have full confidence in this Love's RV Stops team. We’ll bounce back at Atlanta."



"It’s disappointing for sure, but there are still some positives we can take away from it. Layne (Riggs) did a great job with how he saved the truck from further damage and kept his composure. There’s going to be some tough races, but it’s all about the journey and learning from each race. Like Layne said, we’ll bounce back."


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